Smith Rock Elopement - Brogan Marie Photography

Shelby was a bridesmaid in one of my weddings last summer and she told me that when she got engaged, I’d be her first text. Fast forward to me receiving that exact text and her telling me what they had planned thus far. I can tell you that a Smith Rock Elopement was not that plan!

Planning went on as usual, we captured their engagement session, and all was well. I later received a message from her saying they can’t stop thinking about dropping everything and eloping instead. I sent her the dates I had open for the timeframe she was thinking and next thing I knew, updated contracts were sent and the whole thing changed. FOR THE BETTER!

Smith Rock State Park ended up being the perfect place for their elopement. I mean obviously, the beauty is unreal so it was an immediate contender. But it also allows plenty of options for locations and areas meaning we could find the perfect, easily accessible spot for them to exchange vows and for their friends and family to look on. There are permits required above a certain guest count for the park so that is something to keep in mind if you are planning your own Smith Rock Elopement!

The group stayed, got ready, and partied the night away at McMenamins Old St. Francis School. It worked out great! They had a massive suite for the ladies to all get ready. Then had a reception room reserved for the later night activities.

This is what I love so much about elopements. You can do whatever the heck you want! Your reception/celebration can involve whatever elements you see fit. Your ceremony can involve your friends and family if you choose (or not!!). Customize them however you see fit!

Enjoy this very small glimpse into their special day. This is one I’ll be over sharing for many many moons! If you want to check out another session I did at Smith Rock, head over to see a Smith Rock Engagement Session here!


Florist: Fauning Over Flora

Reception Venue: McMenamins Old St. Francis School