Where you go,
I go.

Want me to come to you? Absolutely. I’m sure every photographer you’ve seen has said “Woo! Passport current, will travel!” and same. But in non-covid times, I spend a lot of my time traveling.
My first international adventure was in elementary school so i’ve been traveling my whole life. I’m no stranger to planes, trains or automobiles. I know how to travel (yes, that is important) and I’m not going to somehow drop the ball and miss your celebration or be bothering you with questions. Because my packages are all custom, I build all-inclusive packages specific to you and your day meaning the travel logistics are on me. You don’t need another person to worry about. 

Check my travel dates below! Going to be in the same place as me? Get in touch for a special rate.

*Not all Oregon/Washington dates listed as those happen nearly every weekend! *

I go where the love goes

Denver/Boulder, CO
Cabo, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico


2022 Travel Dates


Mt. Rainier National Park
Olympic National Forest, WA
Northern California
Havasupai Falls & Vegas
New York City

Getting married in Hawaii? It is my favorite place on earth and I'm there frequently. I have extra special offers for weddings and elopements on island so reach out!


Bonneville Salt Flats
US Virgin Islands
Big Sur, CA
White Sands National Park
Grand Tetons
olympic national forest
na'pali coast, kauai
north shore o'ahu
olympic national forest

I know I’m not the only wanderlusty travelbug person here and I can’t wait to get back out into the world and explore again. I have a jam-packed-extra-value packages for my bucket list locations making sure to fully document your time there. I’ll fly in early and capture your rehearsal evening hanging out with your friends and family, or a day-after adventure session after you’re done with the fam. 

Places I can't wait to visit


Santorini, Greece
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Los Cabos, Mexico
Costa Rica
French Polynesia