My main goal in this career is to tell stories and capture moments. To be a part of your legacy. I am not here to grow an Instagram following or to only produce epic images that I know will “get likes”. Sure those are great, and you're going to get epic images. But that is not my WHY. I want to capture images that MEAN something to YOU. To your loved ones. To your friends. Images that capture your personalities and unique aspects of your relationship! 

I'm Brogan!

hi friend!

i'm a photographer, dog mom, Sucker for love, and long to see the world.

Travel Agent!

"Thats what she said" jokes.

Madewell. Lululemon. Taco Trucks.  sigh.

Walking on my tippie toes like a ballerina.

I live on the mountain, but the beach fuels my fire.

No Diggity. 90's Hip Hop foreverrrrr.

alternate job

Guilty pleasure

take my money

secret talent

Beach or Mountains

Personal Jam

Love it

Hate it

Animals of every shape and size

Carbs of all varieties.

Paper planners

"Reality" TV. Will you accept this rose? 

Anything with a good beat.

Wearing shoes. 


Pickles. Eww.

Laundry day.

Bathroom lines



Seattle, WA
Mt. Rainier NP
Bend, OR
Smith Rock
Lake Tahoe

Bucket List

Bonneville Salt Flats
White Sands NP
Santorini, Greece
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Los Cabos
Costa Rica
North Shore Oahu
Na Pali Coast, Kauai

Where I'm headed!

San Diego
Havasupai Falls
Redwoods NP

Catch up with me in one of the locations I'm already headed for discounted sessions!

Check out the ever growing and changing Bucket List for location ideas and even more discounts.

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