Tulip Farm Engagement Session at Sunrise - Brogan Marie Photography
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All The Reasons You Need To Wake Up For A Sunrise Session

These two reached out to me for an engagement session while on an upcoming trip to Oregon to visit the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. We decided after some discussion that doing their tulip farm engagement session at sunrise was the best way to go!

If you are thinking about having photos done at the tulip farm, here are the reasons I recommend sunrise.


I have attempted to go to this location in years past, only to sit at a dead stop in traffic for three hours plus then give up and go home. At sunrise, you are able to pre-purchase a photography pass and cruise on in before the rest of the state has even had their coffee.

Crowd Control

If you have ever been to the tulip farm, you know how busy it can get. This year helped slightlyyyyyyy due to the pandemic and mandatory pre-purchased ticket. Even still, the day we went there were signs up saying the entire day was sold out. Always plan ahead! Having photographed a session there before at sunset, it was a constant battle of finding an area to stand in you were shoulder to shoulder with others. Let alone finding a spot with a wide open background or a bunch of people in the photos.

Sure once the hot air balloons came out it started to get a bit busier and harder to navigate, but still it was nothing like it would have been later in the day.


I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it… Sunrise lighting IS THE BEST. You get a slow and quiet “blue” hour for you to warm up in and get the jitters out. Followed by the pastel light that makes all of the colors pop. Thennnn you get the epic golden glow, just like sunset. Rather than having to rush and worry about running out of time with the sunsetting, we take our time knowing that we can take as long as we please. Sure you risk there being clouds or weather but when don’t we?! It is Oregon after all.


Because this festival happens in Spring, the mornings are still quite chilly. Plan accordingly with warm jackets, a thermos of coffee (with Bailey’s? I don’t judge), and shoes that clean easily because of morning dew and mud.

Be respectful. Don’t walk in/on the flowers and stay in the open pathways. I’ve seen too many people walk right into the middle of the field to get “the shot” and it just isn’t necessary. Treat this incredible area with respect and appreciation so we can all continue to enjoy it.

Definitely buy your parking pass ahead of time and communicate a meeting place. If you go at sunrise, it will be very dark upon arrival. If you go later in the day, it will be so busy or possibly so full that you’ll have a hard time finding each other.

Enjoy their Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Engagement Session at sunrise! These two were such troopers and laughed their way through the early wake up call. They even had to catch a flight that afternoon so if they can do it, so can you. For another sunrise session example, check out this engagement session in Maui.