Snowy Elopement on Mt. Hood Oregon - Brogan Marie Photography

Mt. Hood Is One Of My Favorite Places

When Kate reached out to me to capture their snowy elopement on Mt. Hood, Oregon, we can all picture the happy dance that followed. I love all things related to Mt. Hood as it is what I call home!

Elopements (and weddings) here are so fun for me because they allow me to share this incredible area with people. Whether they have grown up with and continue to explore around the mountain or have never been before, it is always such a blast! The options are endless year-round, and you can get such a variety of scenery.

We went in with a Plan A, B, and C, and D… because winter in Oregon is always a bit of a gamble. We can get a blizzard, we can get wind, we can get rain, or we can get an incredible bluebird day! Kate really wanted to catch a view of the mountain if we could, but if not, she was happy with the snowy forest.

Plan B for the Snowy Elopement

Come Elopement day, the weather was decent all things considered, but it was too cloudy for the epic mountain view. That means we moved to Plan B! A quick drive around the corner led to numerous trail options for us to snowshoe around on and no one else in sight!

They got dressed behind their Suburu and came prepared with everything one needs for a winter elopement (fleece tights included).

A ceremony was performed by close friends then we snowshoed around and leaped and frolicked enjoying the snowy forest to ourselves! Guess what?! I even got to sign the marriage certificate as a witness since there was only a handful of us present! Such an honor!

These days are so magical and truly take it back to the core of what these days are meant to be: vowing to forever with your partner. Bonus is getting to do it in a place you love doing an activity you enjoy together!

Enjoy this small preview of K & J’s snowy elopement on Mt. Hood, Oregon! See another example of a snowshoe elopement HERE!