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Nowadays, its a pretty common practice for an engaged couple to have a wedding website. It is the easiest way to share info with your guests that’s too long or too complicated to put on your invitations. As the big day draws near, your website is a great way to keep all of your guests in the loop about unexpected changes or fun updates! Sounds easy enough, right?

Once you sit down to actually create your wedding website, you may find yourself unsure of which details you should include. And that’s okay! This doesn’t have to be a stressful note on your to-do list. Don’t worry… I’m here to offer a little bit of advice!

What Kind of Wedding Information to Put on My Wedding Website, Your Wedding Website Essentials, Wedding Planning, Oregon Wedding Photographer, Brogan Marie Photography

#1 Your Wedding Location

Location, location, location. One detail you should definitely elaborate on with your wedding website is the venue location. Your wedding website can be a super helpful tool to help guests scope out exactly where they’re headed. This is particularly useful for venues that might be a little off the beaten track – or if you have guests arriving from out of state or even internationally who aren’t familiar with the local area.

Depending on your venue location, decide what is going to be the most helpful resource here for your guests. If your venue is in a suburban area, a Google Map pinpointed to your venue is a quick and easy reference for your guests to check out exactly where they need to go.

For venues in a more remote location – up on a mountain-top or a hidden beach – consider including a short written description of the best directions to follow to accompany the map. This will probably be the first time your guests will visit your wedding location, so specifying the best route to your venue will avoid any late arrivals!

What Kind of Wedding Information to Put on My Wedding Website, Your Wedding Website Essentials, Wedding Planning, Oregon Wedding Photographer, Brogan Marie Photography

#2 Where to Stay and What to Do

Try to think of all budget options as well as fun activities to explore in the area. Add in information about hotel blocks for your guests, put the relevant info (including important dates and deadlines) on your website. Try different budget options, such as campsites in the area, Air BnBs available, or hotel options nearby.

You should also mention the major airport nearest to the hotels, and transportation services (like Zipcar, Uber, or public transportation) you recommend. And guests always appreciate a list of the best restaurants, shopping, parks, and other things to do during their trip.

#3 Itinerary for the Wedding Weekend

Okay so your guests don’t need a comprehensive run sheet for the day that outlines everything, but a rough schedule with a basic itinerary is a fabulous idea to put everyone on the same page.

A good rule of thumb with wedding websites is to essentially cover any details you’d like to avoid answering over the phone a million times. Anticipate the questions that your guests might have in regards to the logistics of your day, and use your wedding website to clarify them.

Add in extra events like the after-party, or morning after brunch. Of course, only include events where everyone is welcome to avoid drop-ins.

If you are providing or organizing transportation, make sure to include those details as well!

#4 Your Preferred Contact Info

Now that you’ve outlined the most important information, wrap up with your preferred contact information. List your email and your partners’ email (or even your wedding email) and phone numbers. You can also add a contact box connected to your email.

How would you like people to get in touch with you if they have questions or concerns? Keep yourself organized and try utilizing your wedding email for interacting with wedding vendors, and sharing this with your guests too. This way you know you won’t forget to respond to your aunt who Facebook messages you.

I also highly recommend putting someone else as the day of point of contact. Maid of honor, sister, wedding coordinator, anyone else to keep you from having to be pulled to the phone on the day of. YOUR ONLY JOB IS TO RELAX AND ENJOY THE DAY!

What Kind of Wedding Information to Put on My Wedding Website, Your Wedding Website Essentials, Wedding Planning, Oregon Wedding Photographer, Brogan Marie Photography

#5 Now Its Time to Have a Little Fun!

Eeeeek, this is my favorite part! Time to have fun and make this wedding website REALLY yours. Add some of your favorite photos of the two of you. Maybe these are from your engagement session *wink wink* . But most importantly, these should be photos of you both doing something that you love!

If you’re comfortable with sharing more about your love story, definitely add in your love story! How did the two of you meet? What are you favorite memories together? Where have you traveled to together in the past few years? What kinds of activities make you both the happiest?

#6 Focus on Guest Expectations

It is best to help prepare your guests as much as possible before your big day. Include tidbits such as what they can expect in terms of the ambience, and style of your event. Talk about physical distancing, wearing a mask in crowded areas, and why you’ve been making strategic choices for hosting a wedding during unprecedented times. The dress code for the day is a great idea as well. If you are having a black tie affair or a small backyard wedding, your wedding website as a tool to make sure your guests have the best night possible and set the scene.

#7 Some Wonderful Wedding Details

Finaaaalllly! It is time to include all of the wonderful wedding details! Here’s a couple of examples that you may be interested in sharing.

Yes, your guests will know you and your partner well. It is possible that your guests don’t know anything about your wedding party. Your guests are likely to interact with some these people separately (like when they receive a wedding shower invite from your maid of honor). It is nice to provide your top favorite’s names, photos, and a line about how you know each other on the website. Talking points for everyone – yay!

According to most wedding etiquette experts, the website is the only place where it’s appropriate to share your registry. (So leave it off your invitations!) All you need to include is the names or logos of the stores where you registered; your guests can figure it out from there.

Your guests may be wondering if you’re taking a honeymoon, or if they can contribute to your honeymoon as a gift. It doesn’t hurt to include a little info. I recommend sharing a beautiful picture of your destination and a couple details like: “We’re going backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail from spring through summer” or “We’re Hawaii bound for the next 10 days!”. Also… Don’t forget to take your favorite photographer with you for your adventure session. (Just kidding! Sort of.)

Have Fun Creating!

Well, that about sums up my thoughts on the alllllll of the wedding website essentials. Keep these above tips in mind when creating your wedding website as a practical and valuable resource for your guests. The best part? To keep you inspired throughout the website building process, I made you a handy dandy checklist JUST for you!

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