Engagement Session at Artist Point, Mt. Baker - Brogan Marie Photography

Swoonworthy Adventure Engagement Session at Artist Point, Mt Baker

This session… I just…. ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ Our initial plan didn’t quite work out because the trail we were hoping for was still closed due to snow (on July 31st.. what?), but we found some new trailheads and man oh man did they deliver! This engagement session at Artist Point, Mt. Baker is the definition of swoon-worthy.

I love when my clients are able to make a full adventure and experience out of their engagement sessions! For these two, these are memories they will always remember as they stayed in an AirBNB for the weekend, forgot to bring the right pants, and hiking boots got left behind! We can’t help but laugh looking back.

Find Moments That Take Your Breath Away

We were all in complete awe as we made the drive up to the top of the mountain to get started for our session. I was in my car with my jaw on the floor behind the couple (thanks, Coronavirus) and literally laughed out loud when I saw Myranda dangling out of the car taking photos of the epic views surrounding us! We all got out of the car and literally happy danced in excitement and awe.

What is great about these adventure type engagement sessions is we have no restrictions to time or outfit changes or any of that nonsense. We just get to freaking explore and wander and play. Besides the largest and most aggressive mosquitoes I’ve ever encountered, this place was a literal dream.

They trusted me completely and did every silly and odd thing I asked of them. As we made our way down to the lake at the end of the session, there was zero hesitation as we decided to kick off our shoes and wade into the ice cold water. Also, WHAT IS THAT GORGEOUS STONE BRIDGE IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE?! Talk about an incredible elopement location. Who is down?!

Do More of What Makes You Happy

Looking back at these images brings me so much joy. Not only for being able to capture such fun memories for an incredible couple… but because this is what my dreams are made of. Exploring new locations. Adventuring around mountains. Wading hip deep in alpine lakes. Chasing sunsets then rushing back to the hotel to catch room service. Waking up overlooking the bay. How did I get so lucky for this to be my career? Truly, truly grateful.

For another example of a mountain top engagement session, check out this Mt. Hood Engagement Session I did last fall! I’ll be over here counting down until I get to do another elopement or engagement session at Artist Point!