Redwoods National Forest Elopement - Brogan Marie Photography

Nancy and Alex reached out to me over the winter to capture their Redwoods National Forest Elopement. I used to work with Nancy so when I heard from her, I knew it was going to be such a blast! We started it all with a small ceremony and legalities at the courthouse in February with their close friends and family. This summer brought a lot of reschedules, cancelled travel, and disappointment, but I have been able to continue to look forward to these intimate elopements throughout it all.

Custom Planned Locations, Adventures for this Redwoods National Forest Elopement

As with all of my elopement packages, I helped them figure out the most perfect locations and options for their day. I studied trails and parks and proximities sending them a whole list of options and ideas. We picked one that was a nice walk, with lots to see and the ability to get back to the hotel for an afternoon nap (because duh).

They got dressed in the parking lot of the park with Nancy wearing the most perfect dress for the location. They even brought outfits for their doggos and a handmade bouquet by Nancy! We followed rules, respected “leave no trace” principals and spent hours wandering around continuously awe struck by the towering trees! I had never seen The Redwoods in person before and Nancy and I were jumping for joy every time we discovered a bigger one.

Celebrating In Your Own Way

It also isn’t a complete day without multiple outfit changes. They incorporated traditional ceremonial Korean wedding outfits called “Hanbok” which were absolutely stunning. The contrast of the colors of the Hanbok and with the surrounding forest was so special!

Fast forward to the evening portion of the day, we were initially going to go into Samuel H. Boardman State Park for more exploring. But after all afternoon fun in the sun, we opted for a beach adventure right at the hotel instead and it did not disappoint. The sunset was on point and anytime we get to frolic barefoot and dance in the waves is a win in my book!

Enjoy looking through this sampling of images from their Redwoods National Forest Elopement! It truly was one of a kind and magical.