Preparing for Your Engagement Session - Brogan Marie Photography

Hey friends! I have quite a few engagement sessions coming up over the next month, and of course, thinking of 2021 goals, let’s chat about how to best prepare for your engagement session on the Oregon Coast. And look at some fun photos while we’re at it, obviously!

Bring Extra Outfits for Your Engagement Session

Trust me, we are going to spend a few hours together having an ABSOLUTE blast on a beach by the ocean at sunset, or on a mountain top with a view. You’re going to want to prepare different looks for you and your partner not only for variety, but out of practicality!

Bring a comfortable bag or backpack so we can tote it around with on our engagement session adventure on the Oregon Coast. My number one tip is to double check that you both pack a jacket! You never know when the wind is going to pick up or if we’ll get a sprinkle of rain.

I’d recommend bringing a fun, casual look and one more formal look. Wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, and most like your best self. As you scroll through this gallery with B & M, you’ll see that this adorable couple – seriously, inside and out – went with a few different wardrobe options. I’m in love with every one of these photos!!!

Sometimes picking out your engagement session outfit can be stressful or or overwhelming, but don’t worry! You can also check out my blog post full of engagement session outfit inspo.

Shoes or no Shoes? That’s the Real Question!

All right, so imagine that we’re strolling along a stunning beach at during golden hour for your engagement session. Yes, you guessed it! There is likely going to be SAND on the beaches of the Oregon Coast. Obvious right!?! Well, as obvious as it might sound some people still don’t think “sand, shoes, socks”.

… Definitely bring shoes and or dress shoes for your formal look of course, but plan to walk barefoot or in sandals until you reach the location for portraits. Spare yourself some agony!

Wind, She’s Your Best Friend!

Ahhhh, the ocean breeze can really make or break an engagement session on the Oregon Coast. If you plan for it, you can definitely make this work! In the summer months (yeah, ok, most of the year), we can get some pretty windy evenings and the beach is no exception.

It is likely that we will have a bit of wind at your beach session, unless the location you have chosen offers landscapes that will shield us from the wind. One of my favorite picks is Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City – this park has it all! From rocks, sea grass, sand hills, tide-pools, views for days, and some gorgeous greenery. When it’s windy, you can always snuggle up close to a rock formation, and I’ll be close by capturing seizing the moment!

The two biggest issues with wind is HAIR and EYES. I’ll help you to pose and position you and your partner so that wind will become our new best friend. An epic hair blowing kiss at sunset? Oh yeah, picture it!

Tidal Charts for the Oregon Coast

Another fairly straightforward thing to think about is tides! As your self appointed #1 adventure pal, I will be tracking the tidal charts. When it comes to finding your perfect oceanside location on the Oregon Coast, we will have plenty of time to play around in the waves, or relax on the beach with a blanket and champagne.

If you have an idea in mind of what you’re hoping for, just let me know! I *love* planning, making recommendations for locations, and scouting new hidden gems.

Make it a Date Night!

One of the greatest tips is to make your engagement shoot part of your day-long date. Take a day off of work if you’re shooting a weekday and enjoy your time together while getting ready for the shoot. Starting the day off with this mindset helps you to feel romantic when you head into the photo shoot.

Plus, you’re already dressed cute (but may be sandy) – so why not finish the day with a delicious meal at a restaurant after the session? Or a sunset picnic on a blanket? Sounds like a million dollar idea to me!

Bring a Prop for Your Engagement Session!

Using a prop really showcases who you two are as a couple in your engagement photos. Your photoshoot is not about all standing still and looking like an ocean goddess – I mean, yes, you are and you will look INCREDIBLE. But let’s have some fun too!

Bring a football, a blanket, a bottle of champagne, or whatever your heart desires for a few shots of your most animated selves, enjoying each other’s company, and doing what you do best.

Ask Me Anything!

I hope you found these tips helpful when preparing for your engagement session on the Oregon Coast.

Remember, I’m just a text, phone call, or email away if you have any questions, need a gal pal to check out your outfit options, or scout the perfect location.

You can also dream up some inspiration on my Pinterest boards or scroll through my Instagram to get a feel for my work. I am already dreaming up how amazing our time will be together for your engagement session on the Oregon Coast. I can’t wait to adventure with you!