Oregon Coast Engagement Session - Brogan Marie Photography

I did a giveaway not long ago for some free engagement sessions and these two initially won a mountain session. As we started planning, we decided to change things up to align with their upcoming Hawaii wedding so an Oregon Coast Engagement Session it is!

Micro-Weddings are Trending!

Of course any chance I get to go to the beach, I’m gonna either go early or stay late to get an ocean fix. I packed a few ciders, a blanket and a book and relaxed on the beach for a couple of hours before our session and it felt so nice! Especially right now when we’re lucky to even get out of the house.

While waiting for Kaylyn and Josh to arrive, I watched no joke at least 3 different micro-weddings or elopements make their way down to the cove to also share the beauty. It brings me so much joy to know that people are taking advantage of the times and sharing our incredible state with their close friends and family as the perfect backdrop for their vows!

Let’s Adventure Together on the Oregon Coast!

Now to Kaylyn and Josh. These two were such a blast! Since they are engagement session giveaway winners, we didn’t have as much “get to know you” time compared to when couples who are doing their engagement session after we’ve already been chatting for some time. That said, we hit the ground running and they needed little to no guidance from me!

We danced in the water and played by the waterfalls, dodging jellies and wedding ceremonies as we went along the Oregon Coast! We got to know each other and I loved learning about them, their relationship, and each of them as individuals.

Here’s to continuing the journey with the two of them and celebrating their wedding in exactly one year from now!

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