Mountain Top Engagement on Mt. Hood, Oregon - Brogan Marie Photography

Go ahead and prepare yourself for this Mountain Top Engagement. Stunning is likely an understatement! Kimsey reached out to me saying that she was surprising her fiance with a trip to Portland for his 30th birthday. And she’d love to do a mountain top engagement or couple’s session with epic views of Mt. Hood as close as we could possibly get. So me being me, challenge accepted.

She trusted me to with guidance as far as times to travel up here (they live in Nashville!). Furthermore, things to do while they were here, and the best possible locations. She put full trust in me without having even met or much communication. Moments like that are the utmost compliment! We scheduled their session for a Friday night at sunset. Also with the follow Saturday morning at sunrise being a backup plan just in case. They were only flying in for 2 full days so our available windows were limited!

Fast forward to September when it is time for their Oregon weekend. As us locals know, Oregon does what she wants as far as weather goes. We can never fully predict what we will get at any point in the year. This year seems to be especially so with a rainy, cool summer and what seems to be an extra long (and early) fall. I had told Kimsey that the earlier and closer to summer they visited, the better odds we’d have of a clear mountain view and access. Well guess what, the day of their session was foggy, rainy, and there was no mountain in sight. Rather than panicking, we simply went ahead and decided to do their session the next day. Therefore, we hoped for the best.

The best is exactly what we got.

Not only was I gifted an incredible bouquet from a local florist (Kiss Me Kate Custom Floral, check her outttttt) that was otherwise going to go to waste. But at the session Kimsey says to me “We have another sort of prop that we’d like to incorporate at some point, Tanner brought his cowboy hat.”

Insert perfection here.

While I was working on designing and organizing this blog post. I was greeted with an email saying that Kimsey had left me a review!! YAY! This is before she has even received her final gallery. OR seen anything beyond a single social media image share so it truly means THAT MUCH MORE! I will include that at the bottom. Also check out other mountain top engagement blogs from Mt. Hood.

Enjoy, friends!

“Brogan is so freaking talented and personable I wish I could take pictures with her every weekend in beautiful Oregon!! My fiancé and I traveled all the way from Nashville to take a picture with Mt Hood in the background as close as we could get! Brogan made this happen and not only did she do that, she climbed a hill with us and got us closer than I ever imagined!!! She exceeded our expectations for our engagement pictures! Something I will cherish forever and never forget the experience. Not only did she rock at our engagement session, ahead of time she sent me tons of suggestions as to where to go, what to do, and where to stay in Portland and in the area! I highly recommend Brogan to anyone that is looking for a high quality experience and the best pictures of your lifetime!”


Kiss Me Kate Custom Floral