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Find all the answers to your wedding questions.

Q: What makes your work different from other photographers work? 

A: I love being both interactive and discreet throughout your wedding day. There are parts of your day where I will be in control, but there are also moments when you won’t even know that I’m there! I will treat you as my friend and your family as my family. You should think of me as a wedding guest with a camera, not as a vendor. I will give you a big hug at the end of the night, and will most likely refer to your family members as “Mom” and “Grandma” throughout the day. I want you to have the classic, “we’re so dang in love” romantic portraits right next to playful ones of you two in full laughter after he blows a raspberry on your neck! Your gallery will be a healthy combination of sweet and posed with goofy candids!

I also keep my editing “true to life” when it comes to colors. I don’t want you to look back on your images in 10 years and wonder why you look orange!

Q: What if I don’t need an engagement session? 

A: While I really do encourage you to do the engagement session because it helps us get to know each other and gets you comfortable in front of the camera, it’s not mandatory! That being said, it is complimentary and nothing would change if you opted not to do one. I see such value in spending the time with the two of you prior to your wedding. It really allows you to get those nerves of being in front of the camera somewhat out of the way!

Most people have never (or since they were a senior in high school..) had their portraits taken before so getting those initial jitters out of the way makes the wedding day feel so much more comfortable! I show up feeling like an old friend, we hug, catch up on life and then you feel more like “Oh, this girl with her camera again, no biggie!”

Q: How do we reserve our date? 

A: First step is to complete the contact form on my website! I will check my availability to make sure I have your date open, ask a few related wedding questions, and we’ll move forward from there! A 25%  retainer and signed contract are required in order to get your wedding date on the calendar. Two weeks prior to your wedding, the remainder of the balance is due. It can be split up however needed (typically a monthly payment plan). All payments are made online via debit or credit card. 

Q: How do I receive my final gallery? 

A: I deliver my client’s images quickly and easily via an online gallery. You will have the ability to print, share, and download your images as much as you want. You then are able to share this online gallery friends and family allowing them to do the same. It is password protected so only those you share the information with will have access! You are able to order prints and products directly through the gallery program as well for convenience and they ship directly to you!

Q: Do I have to order prints through you? 

A: I highly recommend ordering prints through my professional print lab, but it is certainly not required! The difference in quality is HUGE when it comes to ordering through a volume, speed printer at a local convenience store versus a professional lab, so I encourage clients to let me assist in the printing process. You do receive all download rights, however, so the choice is yours!

Q: What if I don’t know what coverage length I want just yet? 

A: First thing’s first, let’s secure your wedding date to ensure I’m available and all yours. You can ALWAYS add additional coverage as we get closer to the big day. Over the upcoming months, we will work hand in hand (and with any coordinator you are using) to design a timeline custom to your day. If things look off as we are doing that or the coverage is lacking in a certain area, we can always add additional time as needed. I don’t book more than one wedding on the same weekend, so there is always the option to add more time together! 

Q: Do you charge a travel fee?

A: For local PNW weddings further than 2 hours (one way) from my home, I do add a small travel fee if the wedding or event is! Within that two hour radius there is no travel associated! If it is more than 2 hours, I will stay the nights before and after to ensure I 1. Don’t crash on the way home because exhausted… and 2. Make sure I am close by the morning of your event in case of any last-minute changes, traffic incidents, etc.! Better safe than sorry! But I’m always open to traveling to wherever your celebration is being held!

Q: Are you open to domestic and international travel? 

A: How can I say this calmly without startling you….. HECK YES!!! I am an avid traveler and am always down for an adventure! My travel and destination prices are all customers based on the specific event. Feel free to reach out, give me all of (or as little) details as you have and we will get to planning! Travel costs are so variable due to so many different things so I only quote on an individual basis for these!

I hope I have answered all your wedding questions. You will find more about the FAQs on my website. You also can DM me if you have further wedding questions.