This past December, I traveled to Kona, Hawaii with a group of friends.  We rented a house that would fit all 7 of us and holy cow was it perfect.  Two of our sweet friends (the ones pictured below, obviously!) had gotten engaged on this very stretch of beach two winters prior and are now married! I suggested doing pictures on the beach to celebrate their one year anniversary of being married and they jumped at the opportunity saying they never really had any engagement pictures done! 

I am a very firm believer in documenting special moments and locations for you to cherish forever.  Sure, the giant wooden print of them on these rocks that now graces their walls is beautiful and eye catching… but to them it is so much more. It is a part of their story.  It takes them right back to an island and beach so special to them.  Document your moments, y’all. No one ever regrets having too many pictures.  

Maybe you’re on your last vacation as a couple before baby. Maybe you got some great news while you were laying in the sand relaxing. Maybe you survived the most grueling and taxing year yet (me.). Whatever it may be, you are where you are for a reason. Remember it, treasure it, look back on it and tell stories for the years to come. Let me help you do that.