We Bonded Over Love of Nature

Eloping on Mt. Hood, Oregon is a dream come true! From the second she first reached out, Nicole and I hit it off right away. We bonded over our love for Oregon and ferns, and our long relationships. Did you know that we both were with our partners for seven years before getting engaged? She painted an immediate vision for her day. Eloping on Mt. Hood, Oregon and the surrounding forest checked every box.

Easy to Love Eloping on Mt. Hood Oregon

Sure, the actual mountain and the epic views of it are great and what bring most people to Mt. Hood (for obvious reasons). It is easy to love adventuring in this area as there are so many other hidden gems surrounding the mountain that lend even more magic to the area I get to call home.

In true 2020 fashion, there were definite challenges and hurdles that came along with planning even this two person (plus their little) elopement. Since N+J were traveling up from Southern California, the pandemic obviously created some unknowns and questions for their travel plans. It was a lot to take in, and sure enough, about three weeks before their planned celebration, the entire west coast was on fire.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Well, you wouldn’t have guessed that 2020 would do this – huh? Just before their elopement date, the Mt. Hood National Forest was barricaded due to unsafe conditions and extreme fire risk. The entire state was thick with smoke that it was not even safe to crack a window – seriously! Let alone hike around and spend a lengthy time outside. This also meant that the location we had picked (and option B, C, and D) were all inaccessible.

Without worrying the couple, I brainstormed and explored and found some options that would still fit the bride’s vision. It was important that these options were accessible in the current state of the pandemic. My goal was to make sure I was prepared with as many possible options for this lovely couple, so they could just focus on enjoying every moment. Thankfully, four days prior to their elopement, the Mt. Hood National Forest opened back up. We were able to use our Plan A location for their vows!

They rented the most perfect AirBNB on the river to get ready in. A first look riverside, a first dance on the deck under the harvest moon, and a private chef dinner prepared at the AirBNB, what more could you want?!

This day was a perfect example of the flexibility and personalization eloping can bring. The day is truly yours and you can incorporate what ever elements and traditions feel right to you.

Let’s Bring Your Vision to Life

Let’s bring your vision to life. And I mean, eloping on Mt. Hood Oregon is always a good idea. See more inspiration from this incredible Mt. Hood Elopement. For more inspiration of elopements in the Pacific Northwest, dream up some ideas from my Pinterest board.

Cake: Fleur Cakes
Hair and Makeup: NW Makeup & Hair
Location: Mt. Hood National Forest