Engagement Session at the Oregon Coast | Cannon Beach

Brb, only doing engagement sessions at the Oregon Coast at sunset with a hilarious couple for the rest of TIME!! These two reached out to me to capture their engagement session as they are getting married out of state (though I mean, I may join them for that as well because I love them *cough cough*) and she mentioned wanting to do something at the beach. I think my response was “The beach is my JAM!” Any and all opportunities I have to work, go, play, and explore anything coastal is an immediate yes in my book!

While we wandered, frolicked, kicked water and dodged watermelon chunks, we also bonded over all things Lululemon, travel, and hiking. They were full of laughter and had a contagious happiness about them. I almost immediately kicked myself for doing a sunset session with them because it meant our time together would have to end!

We danced on the cliffs above Cannon Beach, Oregon until literal dark only to get back to the parking lot with a herd of elk keeping our cars company! We watched them graze for a bit overlooking an epic sunset before we eventually called it a night.

I absolutely love couple’s and engagement sessions, but they make me a little sad when they are only a “one and done” sort of thing! Typically my engagement sessions are the time I get to spend really getting to know the couple, their relationship and back story. When it is strictly an engagement session, I still spend time getting to know these humans with the sadness of not being able to continue along the journey with them! When I say that I want to truly know, enjoy, and capture my couples.. I mean it! I adore and am thankful for each and every one of you, and your stories are my “why”.

Enjoy these few images from their magical sunset engagement session at Cannon Beach because it is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!

Location: Cannon Beach, Oregon