THIS VENUE ROCKED MY WORLD! I showed up at The Empress Estate Wedding in Washington and it was absolutely DUMPING rain. I’m talking pouring. I knew they were planning on an outside ceremony at one of the beautiful options of this venue. Therefore, I was curious what the backup plan would be. The couple was calm, cool and collected as the venue was organizing a new ceremony site on the porch of the chateau . It was THE PERFECT back up plan. It was intimate, protected from weather, yet still outside.

As the rain cleared, we were able to wander the property and fully utilize it. As the grounds as absolutely stunning, we finally could use it to its full potential. The couple was relaxed and truly able to enjoy the day with their friends and family at their Empress Estate Wedding. Come the end of the night, these two were just ready to hit the road to the airport to head on their Kauai honeymoon! Can’t say I blame them….

Enjoy this glimpse into their mid-September wedding day! You really can’t go wrong with The Empress Estate. Check out more weddings I have photographed on my blog.