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I’m here to tell you that there is, and you can. You *can* have your cake (or your s’mores, your pizza, your whatever the heck you want because we’re breaking that mold!) and eat it too! 

Your wedding day should be 110% about you and your partner, but sometimes, in the hubbub of the “traditional” big white wedding, that 110% starts getting lowered. Pretty soon, you’re trying to please Mom and Aunt Sue and your new Grandma and the day is suddenly less than 50% about you and your partner. It absolutely breaks my heart when I walk into a wedding day and ask the Bride how she is feeling and her response is “I’m just ready for it to be over” or the couple says “I wish we would have just eloped” while rolling their eyes. That is not how you should feel!

That’s where Elopements come in.

What if there was another way? What if you could ditch some or all of the customs and traditions (“tradition” to some means something different to others!) and have a wedding experience that was truly one of a kind and truly all about you? What if instead of awkwardly cutting a cake together in front of 200 people urging you to slam it in your partners face, you share a lavish cheesecake from your favorite local bakery. Instead of curating your vows to get a “laugh” from the crowd, you share exactly how you feel and your hopes for the future judgement free? 

Because your elopement is so intimate, the photography of it is even more valuable! These photographs serve not only as a way to document your memories for you to enjoy for the rest of time, but they are also the only thing you have to share with your friends and family who did not witness it first hand! 

Elopements are the perfect way to escape the norm and bring the focus of the day back around to what’s really getting married to your best friend and your forever. Society is changing the meaning of “eloping” and I am here for it. 

Q: What the heck is an elopement?
A: In a nutshell, an elopement is you and your partner thinking outside the box and doing your wedding day differently. Pared down to the knitty gritty, what do YOU want for your wedding day? Take away all the pomp and circumstance and what you’re left with is an intimate moment (that can last however the heck long you want) with you and the person you love. It can look different for every couple, because remember, we’re getting away from the traditions here. Some couples will opt for climbing a mountain and pledging their love to each other with only myself, the officiant, and a few mountain goats as witnesses. Some couples will head deep into the forest with only their parents in tow. Some couples will head to the beach and invite only their 20 absolute ride or die people. As long as the true focus is on you and your partner and the fact that you’re pledging your lives to each other, nothing else matters. Does this mean you can’t have florals or decor? Not at all! Does this mean you have to keep it a secret? Heck no!

Q: Do I have to climb a mountain to elope?
A: Absolutely not! Again, this day is about YOU. If you’re the type that wants to put on hiking shoes underneath your wedding dress and climb a mountain, let’s do it! If you want to go back to the park where your partner proposed and say your vows underneath a big oak tree, I’m down! If you want to run barefoot across the beach in your wedding dress right after saying your vows, you’ve read my dang mind! The only rule to elopements is that you have to do what you and your partner truly wants.

Q: How long will my elopement last?
A: Absolutely and totally up to you. If you want me to come hang out for 2 hours at the beach while you say your vows, pop some bubbly, and makeout with your new husband or wife, I’m down for it! If you want me to go adventuring for a weekend in the mountains, let’s make it happen! If you are having a multi-day celebration with your closest friends and family at a resort in Mexico, consider me there capturing it all.

Q: Am I able to have guests? 
A: Abso-freaking-lutely! It is hard to put an exact guest number on what is still considered an “elopement” or intimate wedding. That being said, once we start getting into the territory of reserving venue space and feeding 35+ people, that leans more towards a full wedding BUT since I do capture both, we can continue the conversation and make your day whatever you want it to be!

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Because every single elopement is so unique, I can’t provide cookie cutter pricing for them! Once we chat and I get to know your vision, your needs, and your priorities, I can design packages specific to you! 

the nitty gritty

Local PNW Elopements generally start at:


Travel and Destination Elopements start at:

The most beautiful thing about marriage is that there is no perfect recipe... And the same goes for weddings. You do you, boo boo.


the process - what does working with Brogan marie look like?

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Hop on a phone call with me to chat over the initial details and get to know each other a bit. Have a date in mind or need help picking one? Where are you thinking of eloping? How did you meet? What’s your favorite things to do together? After our call, I’ll send over a custom package uniquely designed to fit your needs!


Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Now that you’ve decided I’m the right photographer for the job, it’s time to get it in writing by signing the contract! I require a 25% retainer to hold your date, which is due at the time of booking. Once the contract is signed and the retainer is paid, we’ll be officially all set!


Make it Official

As your elopement approaches, we will work hand in hand to finalize all the details. Together, we’ll decide on locations, create a schedule, and make a list of any specific photo requests you may have.


Make Our Game Plan 

We’ve been working on planning this elopement day to be all about YOU, and now it’s finally here! Your only job is to sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment. I’ll take care of the rest.


The Big Day! 

You haven’t heard or seen the last of me at the end of your elopement day. I always send a sneak peek of your day the following week And then within 6 weeks, you’ll receive your full elopement gallery, along with all digital downloading and printing rights.


Honeymoon Phase


Testimonials from past couples

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zoe & Ryan, 2019 Wedding 

Brogan was the absolute best I could have asked for. And by the end of it, she honestly felt like part of the family. When my husband and I first started looking for a photographer, I made it clear that I wanted to find someone that I trusted with capturing our big day. As soon as I started looking through her website and at her Instagram I knew we had to have her. Anyway, there's so many amazing and great things to say about Brogan that I wouldn't be able to fit all in one review. If she's available for your date, you better book her, because you will seriously be missing out.

Kimsey & Tanner, 2019 Engagement 

Where do I begin?! Brogan is so freaking talented and personable, I wish I could take pictures with her every weekend in beautiful Oregon!! My fiancé and I traveled all the way from Nashville to take a picture with Mt Hood in the background as close as we could get She exceeded our expectations! Something I will cherish forever and never forget the experience. I highly recommend Brogan to anyone that is looking for a high quality experience and the best pictures of your lifetime!

Megan & Justin, 2019 Wedding 

Wow!! We just got our wedding photos back from Brogan and we were blown away! I cannot thank her enough for capturing every single moment from our wedding day! She has been amazing from the start and an absolute pleasure to work with! I highly recommend her as your next photographer!

Momo & Garrett, June 2019 Wedding

Brogan is so amazing to work with. She really takes the stress out of everything. I really appreciated every single detail, but especially her scheduling and timeline. She also reached out to several of my other vendors which really shows her professionalism. The photos are beautiful and I am so happy with how everything turned out. Thank you so much for capturing our wedding! 

Rebecca & Robert, June 2018 Wedding

Oh my goodness we could not have asked for a better day! Wedding planning was not necessarily ‘our thing’ and to be honest, we are just glad to be married now. But the best decision we made through the whole process, was picking you to capture our day!! It felt like an old friend there with us. We were able to act like our weird sarcastic selves throughout the day, and truly enjoyed just hanging out with you! You were the one who captured all the moments we will keep with us forever, and we will remember our super cool photographer forever as well!

July 2017 Wedding

Brogan was amazing at our wedding! I felt she was part of our wedding and there to celebrate us. She excels at capturing the little moments and the emotions of the day. I completely relive the day every time I look at the pictures. She's also great at capturing natural formal pictures. Nothing looked posed or stiff, but comfortable and relaxed. I am so looking forward to her capturing other major moments in our lives!

May 2017 Wedding

Brogan was so real. We felt completely comfortable around her and so, we were able to be dorky selves and laugh a lot. Patient and flexible, it was a pleasure to work with her. We met her at our engagement session and knew that the photos at the wedding would be just as easy-going. Very professional and kind. Our photos turned out lovely. Highly recommend. Thanks!!!

Wanna see where I'm headed?

My passport is up to date, and my bags are always packed!

As a travel junkie myself, I have a bucket list of locations (both in the US and international) that I am longing to capture. Reach out to see if your location is on the list for a super special rate!  

My future travel dates


Las Vegas - May
Kauai - July
Seattle, WA - August


Big Bend National Park - January
Oregon Coast - February
Seattle, WA - April
Lake Tahoe - May

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