What is an "elopement"? - Brogan Marie Photography

An elopement is the perfect way to escape the norm and bring the focus of the day back around to what’s really important…you getting married to your best friend and your forever. Society is changing the meaning of “eloping” and I am here for it. 

In a nutshell, an elopement is you and your partner thinking outside the box and doing your wedding day differently. Pared down to the knitty gritty, what do YOU want for your wedding day? Take away all the pomp and circumstance and what you’re left with is an intimate moment (that can last however the heck long you want) with you and the person you love.

It can look different for every couple, because remember, we’re getting away from the traditions here. Some couples will opt for climbing a mountain and pledging their love to each other with only myself, the officiant, and a few mountain goats as witnesses. Some couples will head deep into the forest with only their parents in tow. Other couples will head to the beach and invite only their 20 absolute ride or die people. As long as the true focus is on you and your partner and the fact that you’re pledging your lives to each other, nothing. else. matters.

Does this mean you can’t have florals or decor? Not at all! Does this mean you have to keep it a secret? Heck no!

A few common questions regarding elopements:

Do I have to climb a mountain to elope?

Absolutely not! This day is about YOU. If you’re the type that wants to put on hiking shoes underneath your wedding dress and climb a mountain, let’s do it! If you want to go back to the park where your partner proposed and say your vows underneath a big oak tree, I’m down! The only rule to elopements is that you have to do what you and your partner truly wants.

How long will my elopement last?

Absolutely and totally up to you. If you want me to come hang out for 2 hours at the beach while you say your vows, pop some bubbly, and makeout with your new husband or wife, I’m down for it! If you are having a multi-day celebration with your closest friends and family at a resort in Mexico, consider me there capturing it all.

Am I able to have guests? 

Abso-freaking-lutely! Its hard to put an exact guest number on what is still considered an “elopement” or intimate wedding. That being said, once we start getting into the territory of reserving venue space and feeding 35+ people, that leans more towards a full wedding BUT since I do capture both, we can continue the conversation and make your day whatever you want it to be!

Does this sound like the vision you have for the day you marry the love of your life? Click on over to my inquiry page and let’s start the discussion!